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Judge Napolitano Says Purdue Pharma Unlikely to Pay for Opioid Crisis

Judge Napolitano proclaimed in a FOX Business interview that Purdue Pharma, opioid OxyContin manufacturers, are probably never going to accept the guilt for opioid abuse in America. Also, they are not going to pay any penalty for the same saying that “The FDA has approved this.”

Napolitano further explained that the basic rule is that when the FDA approves a drug, there is no danger for its use on an ordinary basis. He added that the pharma company was aware of the fact that the opioid painkiller is powerful. Also, it has shown addictive effects in its initial years in the market.

Justice Department had released a report stating the same. The report had noted that, shortly after the release of the drug in 1996, the company executives were aware of fact that this drug was being stolen from the pharmacies. It was sold illegally by some doctors. The executives were also aware that the drug is crushed and snorted by many addicted people.

Napolitano said that Purdue is likely to protect itself from the responsibility. The pharma company also can point out that a learned intermediary is mandatory to access OxyContin. It shows that any user could not go to a drug store to buy it without a doctor’s prescription.

Napolitano said that the pharma company may free itself from the guilt situation saying that only doctors are supposed to allow and prescribe these medicines under very rare circumstances.

On the similar note, a U.S. Government watchdog reported Tuesday that the Department of Veterans Affairs has reduced its rate of opioid prescription. It also concluded that there was a reduction of approximately 267,000 veterans receiving opioids in 2018 than 5 Years ago. Also, the report proclaimed that veterans were disproportionately affected by a nationwide opioid epidemic. It asserted that the initiatives to restrict the opioid use are producing positive effects.

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