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Google Offers Solar Power To UK residences

Google has come up with a new service of migrating to solar power and helping the owners of homes in Britain increase their savings. Google has partnered up with the energy firm Eon and introduced an online application named Project Sunroof. The project makes use of data from applications like Google Maps and Google Earth to judge savings. This project was launched for the first time in United States in 2015, where it was perceived to be largely accurate. Tetraeder, a software company from Germany, is also a part of this project.

This project makes use of machine learning algorithms to judge a house’s solar capacity by analyzing the measurements of the house including the angle and area of the roof, along with weather based information like position of the sun. The machine learning model is believed to be comprehensive enough to factor in the effect of even a tree on the overall solar capacity of the house.

Similar kind of services have been offered earlier by Ikea with support from Solarcentury and by Tesla, though these services needed the owners to provide extra information like the shape of the roofs or houses before a figure of savings could be received.

Jonathan Marshall, analysis head at Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, stated that this project from Google manages to reduce the hurdles for home owners as the process has been made automatic and the analysis is done using the images from Google Earth.

This project was launched first in the United States in 2015 and then in Germany in 2017. It has now expanded to a few regions of the United Kingdom like Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle and some areas of London.

The project also emphasizes the importance given by Google to renewable and environment-friendly energy, which notably has been powering their operations world-wide using green energy only since 2017.

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