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Health Ministry Introduces New Law For Suicide Cases And Mentally Ill Children

Health Ministry of India has introduced new Mental Healthcare Act 2017 on May 29, 2018. As per the new law, attempting a suicide will not be considered as an offense in India. Also, the new law proclaimed a ban on electric shocks for treating the children with mental illness.

As per the new act, despite anything enclosed in Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code, any person committing the suicide, unless confirmed otherwise, to have extreme stress. And that person will not be attempted and punished under this Code.

The new Act states that the government has to take the responsibility to offer care, treatment, and rehabilitation to the person attempting suicide and has severe stress. It will reduce the risk of reappearance of an attempt to commit suicide.

The treatment and rehabilitation charges for mentally ill people living below the poverty line would be free at all government mental health centers. This facility is valid for homeless people as well as people without a BPL card, suffering from mental illness.

Further, the Act has prohibited the use of electric shock in the treatment of mentally ill children. The law also has banned the use of electric shocks for people with mental illness without the use of muscle relaxants and anesthesia. Sterilization of individuals as a treatment for mental illness is also prohibited. The new law also does not allow for tying the mentally ill person with chains.

Recently, Health Ministry of India has proposed a new law to direct data security in the healthcare sector. The latest law will offer individuals with complete ownership of their health data. A person will have a full right to decline or permit records to be generated, collected, accessed, transmitted or used. And hospitals cannot refuse the treatment of such patients who are not allowing collecting or using their data.

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