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Pepsi Introduces Unique Public Holiday Policy For Staff

PepsiCo announced an introduction of a novel holiday concept. The latest idea allows employees of PepsiCo to choose and exchange some Australian public holidays that are more significant to them. The concept is called “floating cultural holidays”. It was introduced in the organization last year for its Australian and New Zealand employees.

Shiona Watson, Senior HR Director, PepsiCo, asserted Yahoo7 that the policy approached as an opportunity. It helped the company to promote the “flexibility and cultural sensitivity”. Further, she added that the policy was introduced in mid-2017 for salaried employees of the company. The new policy offers the company employees with the ability to select and exchange some public holidays that are culturally more significant to them.

Ms. Watson asserted that the organization will be keeping Easter, Anzac Day, and Australia Day on the calendar. She informed that the employees will not be able to exchange above holidays. They will have to take off on these days.

Ms. Watson explained that PepsiCo was permitting its employees to swap two days each year. The policy was “open principle” and an “ongoing process”. She added that the company has taken an initiative to identify the needs of local employees. She asserted that the company is getting good feedback for the new policy and at this stage, PepsiCo has no specific commitment to review it. She proclaimed that the new policy is just one initiative introduced to encourage flexibility and cultural sensitivity.

On a similar note, the PepsiCo Foundation and Minges Bottling Group have proclaimed the announcement of two grants in support of charities from New Bern, N.C. The companies will offer $25,000 donations to the nonprofit organizations. It is proclaimed that the funding is part of the PepsiCo’s support to the New Bern community on a long-term basis.

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