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157 Emojis Launched On Tuesday, Can Help Bring Equality Among Users

Emojis is a great way of expressing some specific thoughts. It offers the users the flexibility of expressing on various topics and discussion in a more human way. Till now, there is a lot of emojis released on chatting platform, which is utilized and appreciated by many users.


This time, it is Unicode consortium which had finally introduced new emojis. They have launched 157 new emojis, which means users now get 157 more customized way to show their expression about any topic of discussion, of which they are the participant.

Redheads are very happy with the launch of a new set of 157 emojis, and the launch is celebrating as that the discrimination ends here and they are also involved in an update, in addition with curly-haired and bald icons.

The redhead fans of emoji are celebrating this week as they find themselves part of the world after represented on apps. The Unicode consortium, which has selected and created new emojis, is introducing 157 new emojis on Tuesday.

Among this newly provided emojis, it has ginger-haired people, which are not available on the apps so far, in addition to the curly-haired and bald-headed people. A lot of Twitter users have tweeted and shared their thoughts about this new emojis.

@AutumShannon, a Twitter user, tweeted: “been waiting for my whole life for ginger emojis to accessible on apps.” Another Twitter user, @SallySeawrong, tweeted a week ago, “One last week until the discrimination ends and we get our very own ginger emojis!!! Our time has arrived!!”

The new Emoji 11.0 update has a llama, Kangaroo, Hippo, Lobster, mosquito, and parrot among the 66 new creatures actually included as emoji.

Twitter was the first who quickly update its system, but Apple and Android devices took more time to fit the update with their OS updates. This can let the users wait to wait for some months before they can actually use the emoji in social media post or on WhatsApp.

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