NASA Is Looking For Assistance From Private Firm For ISS Management

Jim Bridenstine, Administrator, NASA, is in talks about the management of ISS (International Space Station) with international companies.

Soyuz MS-09 of NASA is planned to launch on Wednesday morning including the 3-member crew to start which is invoiced as the Trip 56-57 at the ISS.

But Jim Bridenstine looks like have something new in the box for the ISS and space travel (to put it generally). The big picture is to have more investment from private organizations and less investment of the government body.

Jim, in an interview with Washington Post which was posted on Tuesday, said he is discussing the proposals with the international companies to look into the commercial management of the space stations. He further added, “There are many commercial organizations that are keen to be the part of the space station.”

Bridenstine said, “We are in the era and position where there are companies out in the market who can take care of the commercial management of ISS.” We have a hope that the intended partnership with private firms will eventually outcome as a full relief for space station’s funding.

As per the budget request made by NASA for the fiscal year 2019, the users come to know that 2025 will be the last year of the support from all federal government. And the same thing is reinforced in February, after the President’s own budget request.

However, the hope of involvement of private companies is not the first time in NASA’s history, Emily Sullivan and Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi of NPR, reported in March that the private firms like SpaceX and Boeing have been participating in taking care of with the space traveling for the past 20 years.

Recently, Boeing has extended its agreement of Commercial Crew Transportation Capability, earlier in April 2018, with a proposal of adding a 3rd crew member.

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