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Instagram To Launch A New Feature Which Supports Long-Form Videos

Instagram is all set to launch a home for videos of longer duration, in competition to YouTube and a take on the Snapchat discover.

As per multiple sources, Instagram is looking forward to providing an independent space which is going to stream music videos, scripted shows and much more in full screen and in a 4K resolution. Instagram is in continuous talk with many popular video published and social media influences to understand that how their video channel will work inside their app.

The event of announcing the long-duration video with its launch partners are hopefully scheduled for June 20. The users should not compare it with the quality of the HBO or Netflix original videos. Rather, it was more focused towards the quality and type of videos people are used to see from YouTube users.

The video will range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes in duration, captured with nice camera and lighting, but not at all to the level of movie-making equipment. The users after this new service will be able to upload videos with longer duration, right now it is just allowing with a window of 60 seconds.

The section of videos will highlight a group of popular videos, and also offer an option to continue watching, as users tend to watch longer videos in several sessions. Users can also able to watch the videos on author’s profile neat the bubble of stories highlight. There is no functionality of live shooting and uploading of long-form videos, users can only upload the videos which are already captured.

Earlier, Instagram has offered a feature of spotlight collection in which users can combine multiple videos and create a non-stop viewing experience.

Instagram is eventually planning to provide the publishers and creators to earn money from their long-form video feature; however, the payment model has not been specified yet.

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