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Virtual Reality to Virtually Remove Pain and Fear Sensations

Virtual reality has found a new purpose in hospitals. It is being used as an alternative to painkillers.

St. Joseph’s hospital in France is the spot where this is being experimented. Graduate students at the hospital in France have experimented in using virtual reality and video games in emergency rooms so that patients can undergo surgery and other treatments without painkillers.

Patients are provided VR goggles by which they are stimulated to become one with nature, enjoying tranquil moments on snow hills and pleasant gardens.

The head of the ER department, Dr, Olivier Ganasia, calls this status as ‘hypnosis’, by which patients are hypnotized into entering another pleasant environment, where their minds are so preoccupied with everything beautiful, that the present pain does not reach the mind.

Though the entire VR therapy is still in its initial experimental stage, the chances of this becoming a future treatment to prevent patients from feeling pain may become a reality, soon.

Though VR testing has not been established as yet, this therapy will come into existence soon. Currently, minor treatments are being tested by substituting painkillers. Doctors are able to put few stitches on cuts; they are able to put back dislocated bones back into place and for inserting the catheter.

VR technique is used to distract the mind of the patients. All anxiety that enters the mind of patients, when they are admitted into the emergency rooms, is removed by distracting the attention of patients.

The three-dimensional world through Virtual Reality helps to keep the mind in an interactive mode, while the patient is able to do favorite activities such as painting, playing music, going on adventures, etc.

It is so effective that doctors wonder if it is a distraction that keeps away the pain or the change in the nervous system that prevents any feeling of pain.

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