Founding Fathers of Technology Protest Article 13 of the Copyright Rules

The European Parliament to vote on copyright rules.

Privacy protection in Europe has always been progressive, but when it comes to copyright laws, there are many strict interventions.

One of the largest moves on the copyright rules was made many years back, in 2001. The internet has made changes by leaps and bounds after it was first introduced, but new and effective laws have not been framed.

Will the lawmakers make proper decisions while framing fresh rules on the Bill or will it be impaired by flaws, is the question now.

Article 13 of the Directive of the European Parliament in Digital Single Market is the most controversial aspect that is being debated now.

The use of Article 13 makes the internet services and websites liable for what they host on their websites. Penalties are made if infringing material appears on their platforms.

Vint Cerf, who is one of the fathers of the Internet, along with Tim Berners-Lee, the World Wide Web inventor, and many more in the field of technology have opposed Article 13. Some other notable names are Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive founder, and Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, who oppose the Article. They have drafted a letter citing various reasons as to why Article 13 should not be passed.

If Article 13 comes into force, it will make automatic filtering technology a necessity and an expensive one.

Earlier the European Union had made a study that legitimate sales were negatively impacted by online copyright violation, and now if the copyright rules were to pass, it would not look right.

The bill does not say much about copyright trolls either. The letter from the founders questions the automatic filtering of Article 13, as they fear that the Internet will cease to be an open platform but will turn into one of controlling users and for automated surveillance.

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