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Standards Of 5G All Set To Deliver The Omnipresent Gigabit Internet

4G LTE will soon be replaced by something better, stronger and faster. But before the 5G can be deployed, it has to overcome the main obstacle, the final standard draft, which must be approved.

3GPP reached a standard agreement this week, paving the way for much faster navigation and downloads.

4G LTE phones are fast, but 5G New Radio (NR) should be 10x faster or, maybe, 20x at speeds reaching several gigabits per second. However, the speed of the real world is likely to be 5x faster in favorable conditions.

At present, it is simply the standalone standard version of 5G New Radio (NR). This describes how 5G will be executed by start-ups without outdated wireless and cellular networks.

“The specification of radio speed limit for 5G NR is an important step in the wireless industry’s commitment to achieving a holistic vision for 5G,” president of 3GPP TSG RAN, Balash Bertenni, in a statement said, “5G NR autonomous system not only significantly increase the speed and the throughput of mobile broadband, but also open the door to new industries beyond telecommunications that intend to shift their ecosystem to 5G.”

Fortunately, the Non-Standalone version (NSA) was made official late last year. This is the one that positions Verizon, AT & T, and others above their current 4G networks. Now that the SA version is fully established, 5G technology is free to go.

“The specification of the 5G system is officially completed due to the hard work of hundreds of engineers for the consecutive past three years,” said Eric Gutman, president of 3GPP TSG SA. “5G promises broad expansion of telecommunications, as an increasingly central part of our societies, economies, and individual activities.”

Volvo Construction equipment will be the first company to test the 5G mobile technology as a part of an exceptional alliance with Telia Company, a mobile operator.

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