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Infringement Ban On iPhone Now Depends On ITC Decision

The battle between iPhone and Qualcomm continue. The disputes between them have been going on for ages regarding the contract and licensing. It can be traced back to 2017 when Apple filed a suit against Qualcomm.

It is now the turn of Qualcomm to accuse iPhone and stop its imports. Qualcomm claims that iPhone has infringed its patents. If it is true, the import of a few models of iPhone will be blocked.

A trade judge in the US. International Trade Commission has recommended the infringement issue on the iPhone maker, Apple.

The case registered is against the technology used by Apple on its battery saving, a patent by Qualcomm. However, Apple claims that Qualcomm’s patents are not valid.

Apple also claims that the iPhone products banned are Intel-based. Further, if the ban is imposed, Qualcomm would have a monopoly on modems in the US, once Intel is cleared out of the way. Apple also feels that Qualcomm is using these measures to persuade Apple to drop its cases against them.

Qualcomm denies these allegations and claims that all its actions are legal and it is goodwill gained from the market segment that has helped them obtain top-position in the Smartphone industry.

ITC is a neutral party, but if the judges find the required evident against iPhone models, they would be banned and this would harm Apple iPhone to a large extent.

Qualcomm has earlier been levied fines for acting against government regulators. Qualcomm has also been sued for trying to misuse its monopoly status by raising its royalty from chip buyers. There are many suits filed by Apple against Qualcomm and Apple feels that Qualcomm is just trying to get back at them, to drop the issues.

Will the judges follow the decision of ITC and ban the iPhone products. The decision is expected to come back to plague the company sometime in January.

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