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Genetically Modified Animal Farms Would Soon Be A Reality

Researching techniques are progressing exponentially. These are not only allowing the human beings to lead the lives peacefully on a healthier note but also boosting innovation to get over the present challenges.

The scientists have succeeded in producing genetically improved pigs, which are immune to a deadly livestock disease and is highly costly.

The DNA elements of the group of animals were tweaked to form the chromosomal structures that are capable to resist PRRS, which is the fatal respiratory disease. This is also known as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, which causes breathing problem in the young pigs, leading to death in most of the cases. This disease has been causing a loss of billions of pounds every year, which can now be avoided.

There are certain restrictions related to the genetically produced animals, as some people tend to avoid eating the animals which are not natural. Even the farmers who own these genetically modified pigs will face tremendous challenges. On the contrary, the selling of the GE or Gene Editing has no regulation attached to it due to its recent introduction, which will restrict the sale anyway.

People are surrounded by the myths with no scientific evidence that the GM food products cause unnoticed injury to the human health, one of which is the allergy. A few of the people also believe that the altered genes may enter the human DNA and edit the original structure. However, no strong proof has been found against the same. The World Health Organization or WHO has also confirmed that no clues regarding the speculation have been found, neither scientifically or experimentally.

The genetic modification of the pigs has also raised concerns regarding the welfare of the animals. Some people are even speculating that the newly created animals will not encourage the farmers to opt for the welfare of the animals.

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