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In the ever-expanding and ever-popular world of ‘Fortnite’, Epic Game’s most recent development, there has been a breach in the form of malware which is creeping up on excited, but uninformed enthusiasts. Gamers who are thirsting for this game on Android, not knowing that it is still only available on iOS devices, are the main targets for the villains. The gamers using Android devices are receiving messages on popular sites to ‘install Fortnite on their devices’, which can compromise their phone’s security.

Epic Games in June had posted that its game had 125 million active players, with the players spending on the upside of 300 million USD per month. Impatience on the side of Android users, who are actively searching for ways to download and install the game on their devices, has led to a number of fake tutorials and videos, all over YouTube and Google, which are running dangerous scams and carrying malware. There are legitimate looking links available on YouTube, which exhort the viewers to ‘download’ the game. Malwarebytes Labs’ analyst Nathan Collier says that this is a goldmine for the malware guys to earn money, as the fake games usually consist of just the Epic Games logo with the loading screen. Then it hits a dead end.

Collier said that this is similar to false advertising, and Malwarebytes have set up a separate page, called the ‘Android/Trojan.FakeFortnite’ for the fake Trojan.

In a positive news concerning Fortnite, the developers have confirmed plans for a World Tournament, with Qualifiers starting in this year’s fall, with the World Cup taking a bow in late 2019. The prize package has been decided to be 100 million USD, which will be divided into different events operating at different levels around the world, and would be single-player or two-player co-op.

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