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Microsoft Bing Receives Visual Search Function

Planning to take on image recognition mobile application form Google, Microsoft has rolled out a fresh “visual search” feature for Bing. This allows consumers take a picture of anything with their handset to search for it online.

“Today we are rolling out new smart ‘Visual Search’ abilities that develop upon the visual tech already present in Bing. Hence, you can search the Internet employing your camera. Now you can shop, search, and learn more about your world via the pics you click,” the Bing team claimed to the media in an interview this week.

The feature seems to be very akin to Google Lens that was declared at the time of Google I/O 2017 event.

It conveys services seen from 3rd parties that use the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to carry out accurate and quick object recognition on images.

“Visualize you see a flower or landmark and wish to learn more. Just take a picture employing one of the applications, or upload an image from your camera roll. Bing will verify the concerned object and offer you more data by offering extra links to explore,” claimed the firm.

On a related note, Microsoft is presently operating on the next-gen HoloLens and latest leaks are hinting that it is going to make a switch to ARM from Intel. Also, the next generation of HoloLens will be fueled by the latest Qualcomm XR1 chipset. The new chipset is not as influential as the Snapdragon 845, but it is produced to offer improved Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experience.

In 2017, Microsoft declared that the next generation of HoloLens will come integrated with a devoted Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) along with ML and AI features. Qualcomm had also declared the XR1 chipset early this year in May 2018 built particularly for VR and AR headset.

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