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Uber Granted Short Term Ticket To London

Good news is knocking at the door of Uber, as it has been granted with a short-term license to operate in London.

Uber was functional in the country till September before the license expired. However, the TfL or the Transport for London has denied renewing the license by stating that US-based taxi app is improper and not a proficient operator.

Now, Uber has been granted a license for 15 months, during which it will be under probation. After the hearing that went for 2 days at the court of the Westminster Magistrate, Emma Arbuthnot, the Chief Magistrate declared the US-based Taxi app to be proper as well as fit to run on the roads of London. She has also asked Uber to pay £425,000 to the TfL, which is the legal cost. However, the company is seeking the license for 5 years, which have been rejected previously.

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London stated that the taxi firm was operating in a very poor note for the past few years, due to which the TfL had decided to take the aforementioned step. However, Uber has now admitted to the justified measure taken by the TfL, which was also supported by the court.

During the 15 months of probation, the company will have to follow a clear set of instructions. The application will be thoroughly monitored and scrutinized by the officials of TfL.

On the other hand, the UK General Manager of Uber, Tom Elvidge, has stated that he is extremely pleased with the decision of granting the company the probation of 15 months. He had confirmed that the company will also not leave any stone unturned to gain the trust of TfL and offer unparalleled service to the customers.

The safety of the people and abiding by the rules are the primary concerns for any organization, which must be followed by Uber to ensure an elaborate license.

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