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CDC Report Warns Missouri Residents Against Bug-Borne Diseases

A study carried out by CDC (Centers for Disease Control) over a 12-year period from 2004 to 2016 has warned Missouri citizens against tick, flea and mosquito bites. The study reported more than three times growth of bug-carried diseases during this period. Also, during the same period, there was an introduction of 9 new bug-carried diseases. Missouri ranked around national average in terms of mosquito-carried diseases; however, it shared 40% of tick-caused diseases.

Physician for infectious diseases at University of Missouri Health Care, Christelle Ilboudo, remarked that she saw an increase in number of patients with bug-related disease symptoms. She added that most cases consist of patients refusing on getting admitted. Kathy Kinnaman, practitioner at Osage Beach’s Boone County Medical Group, attributed increased awareness among citizens for seeking such diseases’ treatment. She added that most of her cases relate to tick bites. Health experts state that the ticks should immediately be removed and there should be a close monitoring of the bites to see further development of symptoms. Ilboudo added that such bites may be prevented using insect repellants as well as use of long sleeve clothes in bug-infested areas. Ilboudo stated that certain bug diseases can cause serious sickness, and people should refrain from ignoring any kind of symptoms.

Meanwhile, a statistic reported by the CDC in 2016 claiming ranchers and farmers as having the highest rates of suicide across the country, has been found to be incorrect. The data mentioned forestry and fishing sector people of having a suicide rate four times of the countrywide average, at 84.5 for 100,000 people. This report was a key factor in the provision of mental health support for ranchers and farmers in the Farm Bill. The CDC has now stated that figures from the ‘Triple F’ category, consisting of agricultural workers, had been included in the statistic. According to the corrected reports, the people in Triple F category constitute the third highest rate of suicide in the country.

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