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Google Shared Its Point To End Controversy Of Breach Of Data Privacy

Google has posted a new blog as a response to the story of The WSJ (Wall Street Journal) that mentioned that how easy it is for the 3rd party app developers to get access to the content of Gmail message of users.

As per the blog post by the director, Security, Trust & Privacy Division, Google Cloud, Suzanne Frey wrote, “A vivacious working model of non-Google applications offer you the choice and support you to get the best via your email.”

Though, a published non-Google app needs to pass through a multi-step process of review which has manual and automated developer review of app, assessment of the privacy policy of the app and homepage to rest assured that it is a correct app, and in-app testing to make sure that the app works as it supposed to be and claimed to be.

Google says it has everything into place and protections to prevent scandals like the Cambridge Analytica. Frey shared several tips to make sure that the user’s data is with trusted sources.

However, the Wall Street Journals’ post cannot reveal anything which proves any kind of wrong-doing from services or 3rd party apps via Gmail. But it surely shed some light on an earlier criticized industry practice which is now under the high-alert radar after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal of data privacy of Facebook.

Frey writes, “The process of automated processing has made users think that Google is reading their emails.

Last year, Google agreed that it will stop evaluating the message content from users’ Gmail for promotional purpose as a strategy to make the G suite more appealing to corporate customers. Even before Facebook’s scandal, Google recognized that this is not a thing to prepare promotional activities based on the conversation of a user.

Google said, it trained the app developers and provides strict user control to maintain data privacy.

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