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Netflix Starts Testing A New Ultra Subscription Tier For $17 A Month

Netflix is currently working on a new “Ultra” plan for subscription, which will allow users to watch the Netflix videos, series and movies in 4K HD and HDR. It is estimated that the plan will cost 16.99 USD per month, given the way Netflix does its current pricing. This plan will allow users to experience 4K quality of videos on 4 screens simultaneously. The current pack with highest price is the “Premium” subscription which allows users to enjoy their videos at 1080p (Full HD) with screen sharing of 4 at a time. It costs 13.99 USD per month. The question is—will users willingly pay 16.99 USD for the Ultra subscription?

Netflix is also planning and testing various versions of plans that could get the HDR videos on the Ultra pack, so that it could stand different and higher above the current premium plan. Either of the plans will see premium pack’s screen sharing drop down to 2. There have been speculations that is testing two prices in Germany which are 16.99 USD and 19.99 USD; so, Netflix also will be tinkering with its prices for new plans. Netflix accepted that they are working on the pricing, so that they can see how the customers value Netflix. But if you want the best out of your Netflix subscription, you must be willing to pay a bit more in the near future.

Netflix has taken over more than 50% of homes in the US. Netflix recently has crossed YouTube, as the most popular platform on the Television. If Netflix continues to offer good content as it has, the TRP gap it has between itself and YouTube, will definitely increase in Netflix’s favor. With investment of over 13 Billon USD only on content, the former statement might actually become a fact in the coming days.

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