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Not Only China But Whole World Is Dependent On US In Terms Of Tech

The entire world, in terms of technology, is built on the sand. Sand is what makes silicon; without which the semiconductor materials cannot be formed. These semiconductor materials made from the silicon microchips are the reason why countries are willingly or unwillingly relying on the US. Owing to the research and development in this field for as many as 50 years, the US now leads in the entire world as far as semiconductor manufacturing is concerned.

One of the reasons that China is highly dependent on the US in terms of semiconductor technology is because semiconductors, by value, are China’s leading imports, surpassing even the crude oil. And it is not easily possible for China or other countries to draw near to the US anytime soon.

It all started with the man himself, William Shockley, co-inventor of the transistor, moving to California where he started a company to improve the manufacturing process of transistors that are silicon-made. Since then, the US has been reaping the benefits. With the rampant growth of technology over the years, demand for semiconductors has shot up and has further benefited the US.

Despite the fact that China and other countries are capable themselves to manufacture, there is a huge gap between the capabilities. Amidst the ongoing tensions between the US and China, it is becoming more difficult for China, even through acquisitions by legal ways, in terms of semiconductor market.

Speaking of semiconductors, the tech giant Toshiba has its hopes on the niche market as far as semiconductors are concerned. The electronic makers in Japan are emphasizing on the production of one of the key semiconductor products that is used in the electric cars. Toshiba is planning to spend as much as $270 million to achieve better energy conservation in case of electric cars.


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