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Original Microsoft Xbox Prototype On Display

Xbox admirers have just got a reason to be excited with Microsoft putting the original Xbox prototype up for display at Microsoft’s newly opened Visitor Center at Redmond, Washington. Xbox’s foundations were laid during the Game Developer’s Conference held in 2000, when Microsoft realized it had to compete with Sony’s PlayStation as well as with Nintendo. The prototype was unveiled as part of the hardware revealing at the conference, and the unveiling was carried out by the then ex-Microsoft chief Bill Gates, along with Seamus Blackley, the then-Xbox project head.

Microsoft unveiled this product at different trade shows, as well as conferences, so that they could give developers a peak as to what they were working with, as well as press demonstrations, with significantly less performance than the actual retail unit. Each prototype costs around 18,000 USD, the reason being it was carved from a single aluminum block, as mentioned in a book by Dean Takahashi ‘Opening the Xbox’. The prototype did not make any further news, until November 2016, when the marketing chief of Microsoft Games Aaron Greenberg, posted it as a SnapChat story. The unit was finally displayed at Microsoft’s Visitor Center, as tweeted by Xbox manager for social marketing Graeme Boyd, where it was enclosed inside glass case. This prototype has a circular hollow central screen, which when started, displays ‘XBOX’. The prototype’s back portion consists of connectivity ports and cooling exhausts.

In developing news, Google is expected to challenge Xbox and PlayStation in the console market, with a three-pronged attack through a gaming console, codenamed ‘Yeti’, along with a platform for game-streaming services, as well as tie-ups with several accomplished developers. Google has missed out on important acquisitions before, such as Twitch, a game streaming service, losing out to Amazon, as well as separation of Niantic, the studio behind the monstrous hit ‘Pokémon GO’, which was Google-incubated. However, it feels like now Google is trying to up their game, although there are skepticisms which will remain until these ideas are presented in action.

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