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Gravitational Waves Reveal How Fast Our Universe Is Expanding

Our universe from the beginning exploded into its existence nearly 14 billion years ago; it has been dragging and expanding along with the stars and galaxies of the universe, similarly like all raisins in a rapid raising dough.

In a research project, astronomer has pointed a telescope to certain cosmic sources and stars, and regularly monitors the distance between the Earth and terrestrial body, how rapidly they are moving away from the Earth. The important parameter to measure the distance between the terrestrial object is the Hubble constant, a measure of the unit which tells how fast the terrestrial body is moving. But researchers have come across different values for the Hubble constant which indicates that there is no constant pace the universe is expanding. This new information about the random pace of expansion of the universe could challenge the initial theory of universe origin and its fate, also whether the cosmos will collapse at some point in time or expand indefinitely.

To counter the challenge of Hubble constant, scientists at the Harvard University and MIT have come up with a new solution which is independent to measure and accurate Hubble constant, i.e., by using gravitational waves discharged by the rare system known as black hole-neutron star, a massively energetic pair of a neutron star and a spiral black hole. When they circle towards each other, they produce gravitational force stronger to shake the space. The researchers reveal in a report suggest the blaze of light from the two bodies would help scientists to estimate the system velocity and how fast it is moving away or towards the Earth. The gravitational waves emitted from the system could be traced in the Earth and would let the scientist know how far the system in a much accurate and precise manner is.

Scientists claim that finding rare black hole-neutron star itself is a challenge but finding anyone would yield to their research by giving an accurate and precise Hubble constant, which is the rate of expanding of our universe.

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