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Gboard On iOS To Get Morse Code Typing Feature, Says Google


For the people who are interested in trying out new things, and for the ones who think they type too slowly, here is some good news. In an attempt to increase the reach of the Morse code support of the Gboard, Google has launched a keyboard that is accessibility-focused; the iOS Gboard, which is expected to make communication simpler with as less motion as possible, for the iPad and iPhone users. The company has already launched a beta version of the same for the Android users. Along with the launch for iOS, the Android version is going to get an upgrade as well; with many improvements.

Basically, all the letters on the keyboard are replaced with two big dash and dot buttons. The Morse codes for the words would also be suggested while typing. This is arguably one of the fastest and one of the easiest ways to typing that is available out there. Especially for the people with disabilities, this is totally revolutionary.

Not only that, the company has also created a game called as the ‘Morse Typing Trainer game’ which is said to teach the users how to use the Morse code, and that too under sixty minutes. The game is available for both, the desktop and the mobile phones, and is expected to attract a large number of users.

Other than adding a Morse code feature, the company is also carrying out the testing of the ‘Smart Replies’ feature on the Gboard, for the Android version. The company is testing the feature with the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and others as well. There are already a number of other keyboards available as well have a similar feature where the words are guessed and suggested, making the replies quicker; with less effort put in while typing. Google is working on improving the results of the same.

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