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Twitter Getting Rid Of The Fake Followers, Millions Of Them

It is not hidden from the world that many people on the social media platforms including Twitter inflate their follower count in order to boost their status on the platform which is correlated with the reflection of their status in the world. Twitter has now decided to look seriously in to the problem; which is one type of a social media fraud. To handle the problem, the social media company Twitter has decided to delete millions of accounts in order to reduce the number of fake followers.

From Tuesday, there will be a significant decline observed by the users in their followers count. This is not limited to only those who have bought the fake followers but rather all the twitter users. The total follower count is expected to be reduced by 6%, as far as the overall site is concerned.

Twitter said that the users will see a drop in their follower count by not more than just 4. But in case of people who have bought the fake followers, the numbers are going to be much larger.

Del Harvey, vice president for trust and safety at Twitter, said that having fake followers is not a precise measure of the influence of the people and hence the company doesn’t want to encourage the purchase of such fake followers. It will now be interesting to see how the users react to it; they don’t have an option other than accepting anyway.

Recently, Twitter faced another problem in which many accounts were jeopardized and were at risk after the internal glitch occurred that was originated from the hashtag feature. To solve the issue, Twitter immediately asked the users to change their passwords in order to be safe from the potential threats.

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