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Huge Esports Event to be Funded With US$1 Mn by Fortnite

Sometime back, Epic Games reported that it will giveUS$100 Mn in prize as cash for Fortnite competition tournaments in 2018 and in 2019, and now we’ve realized where a portion of that will go. The organization has reported the series named as “Summer Skirmish”, which is an eight-week long event where individuals will go after an offer of US$8 Mn in prize cash.

The series is expected to commence by the end of this week with a worth ofUS$250,000 Duos tournament. The specifics are not clear for now, but rather Epic stated “community makers” and standard Fortnite participants who have “exhibited their competitive streak,” will be welcome to take part.

The invitations were sent as of now for the current series of Summer Skirmish, yet Epic said later on it will convey the subtle details about the way one can fit the bill for future conflicts. “The configuration and contenders may change from week-to-week, so remain on your toes,” Epic announced.

The prize amount of US$100 Mn for Fortnite’s tournament of 2018-2019 season is more than twofold the US$38 Mn in overall prize amount that Valve’s Dota 2 gave out in year 2017 over the greater part of its competitions, as per E-Sports Earnings (by means of CNBC). The International that is Valve’s huge Dota 2 occasion, paid out the greatest prize pool in the history of gaming a year ago with nearly US$25 Mn for the single occasion. For another purpose of examination, the debut Overwatch League competition is expected to pay out an aggregate of US$3.5 Mn as prize amount for its whole season.

Fortnite acquires overUS$1 Mn each and every day from the mobile version alone, as per Sensor Tower; Epic profits from the PC versions and console.

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