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PCs are showing a noticeable growth compared to smartphone in 2018

The market of PC has recorded a surprise growth of shipment in this year, the first increment was reported in 2012, and the reason was not any surprise.

IDC and Gartner, the renowned market research firm has shared fresh number of increment every year. Both the firms have reported a rise of PC shipments in the second quarter of year. For this claim, Gartner shows an increment of 1.4%, and IDC reported 2.7% rise.

A lot of this growth is due to the rise in demand of PC for desktops from business customers as well as individuals interested in more PC for gaming. Mikako Kitagawa, principle analyst, Gartner, it is worth noting that, the rise will be there for a short span, especially with the upgrade of Windows 10.

Kitagawa said, “The growth in PC shipment in the second quarter of 2018 was run by demand in the market that was compensate by reduce in shipment in the consumer section.” In the consumer area, the basic market structure, because of the changes in the behavior of user for the PC, is still exist, and continues to influence the market growth.

The consumers are utilizing their smartphone even for regular works, like browsing on their social media platform, scheduling, shopping and banking that is less when it comes to the requirement of consumer PC.

The research of Gartner shows that the PC shipment on a global level hit a mark of 62.1 units in the second quarter of the year, and every region is experiencing rise to some extent in comparison with previous year.

The research done by IDC also worth looking at, as it has incorporated the number of Chromebooks, but kept the windows tablet aside the Surface Pro. But for Gartner research, it is just the opposite.

The increase in the shipment is worth notice, but the economy pattern where small size and portability is the driving force is worth considering.

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