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Johnson And Johnson Ordered To Pay Damages For Cancer Risks

Johnson & Johnson has been asked to pay $4.69 billion to women who had used the product and had ovarian cancer.

J&J has users, especially women and children, using their talcum powder for the past 10, 20 or even 40 years.

Eva Echeverria, a woman aged 62 years, has blamed the talcum powder, for her ovarian cancer. The trial took place in a Californian court. She had been using the J&J products from when she was eleven years. Ovarian cancer that she is diagnosed with, in 2007, is the cause of using the products, she claims.

Mark Robinson is the lawyer appealing for Eva Echeverria, who claims that the company should warn its users of the risk involved in using its talcum powder. The verdict made on Thursday was a payment of $417 million by the company to 22 women who had the same problem.

Lois Slemp has been undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer which had also spread to her liver. She says that she has been using the powder for 40 years. Ted Meadows, her lawyer has applauded the verdict saying that the company had ignored scientific evidence.

The jury has blamed the company for not warning its users of the risks involved in using the baby powder. Previously four other trials have been faced by J&J in St. Louis. Of these, three verdicts have amounted to $197 million against the company and a talcum supplier.

The company had previously faced various other verdicts in St. Louis and Missouri. Its baby powder and talcum powder, Shower to Shower, have been accused of causing ovarian cancer, and the company has not warned its consumers about the risk involved, is the issue addressed.

Carol Goodrich, a spokeswoman for Johnson & Johnson, has said that the company will appeal for the safety aspect of the Johnson Baby Powder. At St. Louis, the company was able to halt a trial in June.

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