Your Data Is Likely In The Hands Of Politicians

You fill the social media sites or any other online clubs with the personal information in order to enjoy the benefits of the social media site. Do you expect the pieces of information to be used for political purposes?

The data production regulator in the UK has explained the way the resources utilize the personal information of the numerous users. An investigation was initiated a year ago by the Information Commission, which targeted to reveal the processes through which the personal information of the people is being misused throughout the EU referendum. However, it came up with the sandal of Cambridge Analytica, in which none less than data of 87 million people have been misused to influence the elections.

According to the data protection laws, the highest penalty that can be charged against any company for sabotaging or misusing personal information of the users is £500,000. This amount was charged against the social media giant for not being able to safeguard the sensitive information of millions of users on the most renowned social media platform. However, this amount was negligible for the firm that had earned revenue of £31 billion or $41 billion during the last year. On the contrary, Frederike Kaltheuner on behalf of the Privacy International has mentioned that the irrespective of the amount of penalty being imposed on the social media giant, the correct measures that need to be taken for the data privacy is clear.

She also mentioned that the social media network failed to abide by transparency, which is the most fundamental rule of the data protection law. The purpose for which the pieces of personal information of the users are being used was concealed from the users. She believes that the people have the right to know about the path through which their data is traveling and who are utilizing it.

Vipin Shettigar

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