Federal Judge Orders Temporary Halt To Transportation of Migrant Families

The federal judge, supervising the reunification of about 2,500 immigrant families separated during a border crossing recently ordered a halt to deportations of these families on a temporary basis.

Dana Sabraw, the U.S. District Judge, released an order during a hearing on Monday in San Diego. The recent order was in response to a complaint of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that the Trump administration was planning the immediate mass deportations of the migrant parents once they were reunited with their children.

The judge expressed a great confidence with the reunification plan of the U.S. Government as the officials informed him that they have united 2,480 minors with their parents. Officials also informed that they were successful to pre-clear more than 1,300 of the parents to get their children back. The U.S. had a target of completing the whole process in 10 Days.

The ACLU stated in a filing on Monday that the pause in the deportation process will offer the families with a much-needed time to decide whether to go back with their children to their home countries or to leave their children in the U.S. to request the political asylum on their own.

Further, the ACLU proclaimed in the filing that because of the illegal separations of children from their parents, they did not get an opportunity for a meaningful talk with each another about the collective choices for the families. Sabraw proclaimed that he will try to lift his order if the U.S. officials file further for legal arguments.

On a related note, a federal judge said the Department of Health and Human Services may be acting in disobedience of a court order on immigration. He questioned about the commitment of the federal government to reunite about 2,500 immigrant children with their parents separated at the southern border.

Sabraw, in a ruling late on Friday, marked that the HHS is either not understanding the order of a court or is acting in disobedience of the order.

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