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Facebook States Will Not Eliminate Fake News, Rather Will Demote It

Facebook, the social media giant, has mentioned that it will not take away fake news from its interface as it does not contravene its community norms. Rather, it states posts that it considers to be fake information will be “demoted” within the news feed.

At present, the social network is managing an advertising drive in Britain that states “fake news isn’t our friend.” However, it said publishers frequently had “very diverse points of view” and doing away with the fabricated posts would be “opposing to the basic standards of free speech,” as reported by the BBC.

The social network has been examined for its role in thinning out of fake news after proof surfaced that Russia attempted to manipulate the US voters making use of the social platform. An event was held by the firm in New York on July 11 where it tried to sway the journalists it was dealing with the issue.

In a statement, John Hegeman of Facebook, said, “We developed Facebook to be a site where diverse individuals can have a voice. We let individuals post it as a type of expression; however, we are not going to display it at the peak of the News Feed.”

The site had executed a test showing a red warning icon adjacent to the posts that fact checkers had recognized as fake, but afterward stated it discovered this method had “ingrained intensely held beliefs”.

On the other hand, the foremost far-right activists have obtained a special guard from Facebook, thwarting their pages from being eliminated even after a pattern of conduct that would characteristically bring about moderator action being taken.

The method, known as “shielded review,” was unveiled by Channel 4Dispatches, following the documentary series hurled a secret reporter to function as a content moderator in CPL Resources, a Dublin-based contractor of Facebook.

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