Police Officer Helped This Man On The Streets To Shave So He Could Apply For McDonald’s Interview

It is not every day that we see such events that store our faith back in humanity, in these changed times. In such an event that occurred in Florida, a police officer named Tony Carlson was caught by a man on camera doing a simple yet rare act of kindness. The officer is seen in the video helping the homeless man named Phil with his shaving, as he was preparing to go for an interview at a McDonald’s store. The officer is getting highly praised for his generous act, as the video is spreading across the globe.

The police officer caught this young homeless man outside of a gas station, and was struggling to use the razor in order to shave for the interview, and went out to help him. There must have been some problem with the razor which was immediately fixed by the officer. Not only that, since there was no mirror which the homeless man could use in order to complete the shave properly, this officer himself helped the man to shave.

The police officer also said that he wanted to do more for the man and hoped that the man will get his job. He mentioned that all the police officers do such deeds often but never get enough. He said that he hopes the people are inspired from his actions. He also said if somebody would see this, they will also think of helping others.

In another event of kindness and generosity, a man found a phone that was long lost for as many as seven months, and returned it to the owner. The owner shared this news on Facebook with immense delight about having found the phone back after losing all hopes.

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