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Arianespace And SpaceX Will Launch Rocket Within 15 Minutes Delay

People who develop a habit of early rising are going to get a small return for their efforts if they continue with their habit of early rising on Wednesday as well. As they are going to experience 2 rocket launches on that day, back-to-back.

As an MNC named Arianespace schedule to launch a rocket named Ariane 5 that is carrying 4 Galileo GPS satellites at 7.25 am ET for its European customers and a SpaceX is launching Falcon 9 which is carrying 10 Iridium satellites just after 14 minutes at 7.39 am ET.

According to, the launch of Arianespace is scheduled to execute from somewhere close to South America’s Atlantic coast at Guiana Space Center, Kourou, French Guiana. Whereas the launch of SpaceX’s rocket is scheduled to launch from California-based Vandenberg Air Force Base, the same place where the test fire of the launcher executed, and it will shortly after the launch tries to land on “Just Read the Instructions”, a drone ship.

As noted by Mr. Steven,, that the second rocket might be launch to gather the fairing of rocket with a renewed net after another failed test that has executed in June.

SpaceX is been planning to run a fast-speed launch schedule than usual, as they have already launched a Communication satellite of Telstar on Sunday in the upgraded version of Falcon 9 and has already scheduled their next launch for August 2nd.

According to ArsTechnica, Ariane 5 ES rocket of Arianespace I quite older, which was first launched in 1996 and will have its last launch in 2022. The Ariane 6 which is currently in the development phase is anticipated to take on the cheaper reusable launch systems of SpaceX; however, there is a huge possibility that the competitor company will surpass its cost saving by then.

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